About Us

Imagination Theatre was founded in 2010 and is a Sydney based theatre school for children aged 5-16. Our team has worked together for many years and we believe it is important for children to have a place where their imagination and creativity can grow and be nurtured, where it is safe to express and experiment with new ideas.

A day in the park 2011

We strive for artistic excellence in providing high quality theatre programs in a safe, fun and dynamic environment where children can develop skills in self-confidence, communication and creativity. Each program is carefully planned and involves drama games and activities, voice development and singing, storytelling, script writing, creative improvisation, characterisation, music, movement and stage design.

All members of the Imagination Team are dedicated, and highly skilled professionals working in the entertainment industry. All have worked and studied both in Australia and overseas bringing many fresh and exciting ideas to our programs and workshops.

We all love working with children and watching them grow in confidence as they learn new skills. Creating scenes, characters and music for a show is a great way for children to learn to accept and extend ideas as a group. Developing good social skills and confidence in presenting ideas will benefit children in all aspects of life. Presenting a show for families and friends gives them a great sense of achievement. We hope to inspire a life-long love of theatre for participants and their families.

All of our team have undergone child safety and police checks.

The work we do at Imagination Theatre is dedicated to our dear friend Roger Rynd who always inspired us with his incredible imagination.
Roger Rynd 1959 -2010